“Call Worldlink” this is what you will add to your daily activities list if unfortunately, you happened to subscribe to the worldlink the so-called no 1 ISP in Nepal.

The service sucked at its best when you are most probably in need of the internet. Its night 9-11PM for me. I just can’t browse the internet in these hours. unfortunately, I rarely use the internet other time. I don’t mind if I don’t get full bandwidth. Let’s say the worst we can surf on … the 54kbps dial-up. has 6KBps of download speed. I would just shut up and don’t care about rest of the bandwidth and surf happily in this speed but what I get is in Bps .. though hundreds of them. specifically around 800 to 1400 Bps woah it’s nearly 1.4 KBps…

Just imagine. I had to wait hours if I have 3 notifications on FB and I have to successfully read the 3 comments on three different posts. Ignore Images… they won’t load. I just need texts…

Why don’t I call the ISP’s support?

Yeah, I do call world link.. It’s on my daily task list. The support is good enough. They receive my calls. Listen to my angry loud voice. Send ppl to fix it. But with no luck. They cant fix it. I doubt its just my problem cuz I saw several posts on the worldlink’s facebook page by a number of users.

The prologue!

I had Subscribed to 1-year subscription of Wizoom-e wireless service 128 Unlimited in December 2011. The first 4 days was a free trial after I had deposited 2000 NRS as a security deposit. The internet was not good. I would rate it 4 out of 10. I complained they said they had a problem with their route blah blah and assured it will be fixed in a week. I trusted them because I trusted worldink because I had used its service before, it was good.

I paid all the fees and successfully subscribed to the 1-year term. A week passed, month too. Now its 5 months and I still have an awful internet.

My first email to worldlink ‘support@wlink.com.np’ dated Sun 12/4/2011 10:05 AM



I have seen this happen every night since I had the WiZOOMe 128/UL installed last Thursday. I have deposited 2000 NRS to have this connection and I am afraid this will not meet my requirements. The Receiver has 3 lights on RED one Yellow one and a green one last green one is off. Is this the reason or sth else?

Main problem here is I use this connection after 8PM only and found the case is worse in same time. I want to state that I had a 192Kbps connection of NTC ADSL which had another problem of high ping in the same time avg of 900ms this compelled me to change the connection and thought of WORLDLINK. Now This problem has put me into a doom.

I hope cable connection of WLInk may fix this and I don’t think bandwidth is the issue here, so please find me an alternative for this.


The ping reports are as follows:


Last night I tried to ping and got this

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 320, Received = 194, Lost = 128 (40% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

Minimum = 15ms, Maximum = 703ms, Average = 85ms



Most of them had approx 25% loss. I have a problem with consequent 3-4 request time outs. Most of them had 5 and even high as 10 time outs.


This morning I tried to ping and got this

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 131, Received = 108, Lost = 23 (17% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

Minimum = 55ms, Maximum = 3913ms, Average = 1818ms





Anil Maharjan

I don’t think they read this email. I didn’t get any reply.

Okay, let’s leave it here. I called their experts. They seemed to know what they were doing. They just looked so promising I got convinced they are fixing it once and for all. The time they leave the internet looks as if it’s working but not for a long time. It used to work only for few hours or a day. happened for 4 or more times and did not help.

Now time for a change

I thought cable will help me. I asked them to change my wireless service to cable. They asked if there is any point, I don’t know what else it is called, in my locality. I had seen one nearby my house years ago and to make sure I went there and saw it was still there .. I called the support. Support wanted me to call marketing department because what I wanted them to do was likely to cost me more money… WTH. I would have just smashed the useless wireless antenna on the man’s head if I was in front of him standing with the antenna. I had paid 1 year’s money and been using the unusable internet for more than 4 months. BTW the wireless costs more than the cable internet. I got a call after that,, they sorted it out within themselves and are ready to give me a cable. Now as I was seeing a hope to have a working internet, they said there was nothing inside the box on the post. They had removed the device from the post, I don’t know why? Maybe because ppl had already tried it and just dumped it.

Superhero is here

Now a superhero kind of dude calls me! He wants to fix my internet. I said ppl had tried and I see no hope. Still, he wants to give it a try and if he fails they will take further steps on this matter. We are struggling to set a time when he can come and fix it. Yesterday he called and assured he will be there in the afternoon but didn’t arrive. Today I got his call again he had an excuse for yesterday and today I had no time. Tomorrow he says OK I said… Let’s see what happens tomorrow.




  1. Actually i applied for the new connection in worldlink. they said me that we will connect u on friday. i called them and told them why u didn’t came here to connect the server. they called me and told that they will connect on saturday at the time of 12-1. during that time i have cancel the my tour to chitwan. i called them more that 10 times but they didn’t reply. and i called in 9801523052.a girl don’t know what the hell she had the problem and drop my call almost 3-4 time. if i were then what type of action should i take to her.

  2. Its frustrating that worldlink doesn’t let us control our own router. All we can do is change the username and password.

  3. World Link Nepal supplies poor, horrible service. I don’t make assertions without the proper backing to corroborate it.
    Tuesday the 13th June, I had gone to their office in Baluwatar with expectation of getting a 5mb fiber to home connection. The sales girl made me fill in a form and promised that I would get the connection by that evening or the following morning. That evening instead of the connection, got a call from their office via their landline and an account and user name was created for me to surf the net sans the physical connection. They promised that it would be made the following morning, that was the 15th June. Till 12 noon no phone call nor person/s came to do any infrastructure connection.
    While writing this criticism today I was able to open the portal with the username and PW using someone else’s wifi, that is the 15th June. They might call later while I am else where or while I am on planet Mars expecting me to be there at their beck and call wasting my time.
    I am waiting for their call so that I can give them a bloody piece of my mind and write a scathing post on my blog where by doing my part to make consumers know, that do not judge a book by it cover in this case their adds and inveigling offer, and their website. They have filled their pockets, specially their owner Dilip Agarwal who owns the show. On another tone, he is supported to have lived and studied for over 16 years in the United States, Germany and the Western World. He ought to know how corporates run there for the consumer is God and if you let God, then god plays they godly hand.
    He learned that once when he was arrested for his illegal VOIP service, but like their kind paid under the table and was let off the hook.
    Sorry to say guys, this is all because Nepal does not have a proper consumer court, where corporates that do as they wish cannot be brought to book. That is why they get off the hook.
    Steven Pitts

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