Generally in Drupal query builder, we can chain condition() method to add AND conditions to the query we are building.
Which will create a query something like 
WHERE Condition1 AND Condition2 AND Condition3
by following code:
<?php $query->condition(Condition1)->condition(Condition2)->condition(Condition3); ?>
Now If we want OR,
<?php $query->condition(db_or()->condition(Condition1)->condition(Condition2)->condition(Condition3)); ?>
If we want to nest OR inside AND,
something like 
WHERE (Condition1 OR Condition2) AND (Condition3 OR Condition4)

You can do:
If we want to nest AND inside OR,
something like 
WHERE (Condition1 AND Condition2) OR (Condition3 AND Condition4)
You can do:





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