DDC Milk

Organization Profile

Dairy Development Corporation, established under corporation Act 2021 BS. DDC-a fully state-owned corporation, initiated for the economic advancement of the poor farming communities, has flourished into a nationwide movement with an annual collection over 60 million liters of milk from more than 75 thousand milk producers through 888 milk cooperatives spread out in 33 districts.

With the state-of-art infrastructure comprising of fully modern dairy plants, 11 cheese manufacturing units, 45 milk chilling plants and highly qualified dairy specialists, DDC is a precious asset in the economic development of our nation.
At DDC, we are uncompromising about a strict adherence to quality of milk & milk products, hygiene, and sanitation of the plants. We pledge to uphold the grand tradition set by our predecessors and to endorse the trust and faith placed in us by our valued customers.


  • Provide a guaranteed market for milk to the rural farmers with a fair price.
  • Supply pasteurized milk and milk products to urban consumers.
  • Develop organized milk collection system to meet increasing demand for pasteurized milk and milk products.
  • Develop an organized marketing system for milk and milk products in urban areas.

List of Products

S.NProduct Name
Paneer 500grm.
Paneer 200grm.
2Mozzarella Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese 500 gram.
Mozzarella Cheese 200 grm.
3Kanchan Cheese kg.
Kanchan Cheese 500grm.
Kanchan Cheese 200grm
4Yak Cheese kg.
Yak Cheese 500grm
Yak Cheese 200grm
Yak Cheese 100grm
5DDC fresh 200ml.with Bottle
6Ghee pet jar 1 liter
7Ghee pet jar 1/2 liter
8Ghee Poly pack 1 liter
9Ghee Poly pack 1/2 liter
10Yak Ghee pet jar 1 liter
11Butter Block per kg.
12Butter Packed 250g.
13Butter Packed 100g.
14Yak Butter  1 kg.
15Yak Butter Packed 1/2 kg.
16Yak Butter Local sale
17Cream fresh 60% fat/ltr.
18Cream fresh 40% fat/ltr.
19Cream fresh 40% fat/500ml.
20Canned Rasbary(15Pcs)
22Rasbary loose
23Peda [packed 10 pcs]200grm.
24Peda loose/p
25dDC fresh 200ml.with Bottle
26Lalmohan loose/p
271 LTR. Special yogurt jar
28200ml cup. Special yoghurt
291 LTR. Probiotic yoghurt
30200ml cup. Probiotic yoghurt
31 2 LTR. Yoghurt jar
321/2 LTR. Yoghurt (polypack)
331 LTR. Yoghurt loose
341 LTR. Strawberry fruit yogurt
351 LTR. Mango fruit yogurt
36200ml cup. Strawberry fruit yogurt
37200ml cup. Mango fruit yogurt
382 ltr.jar Strawberry fruit yogurt
392 LTR. Mango fruit yogurt
404 ltr.jar Strawberry fruit yogurt
414 LTR. Mango fruit yogurt