I bought this junk, Intopic UFO Light Mouse MS-066few months ago for NRS 400 (US $4.75).

It came with a good package and looked good and fitted just very well on my hand.


The mouse was working fine and suddenly it stopped. What happened was the wire near the usb jack was loose or sth. The mouse worked fine only for a couple of weeks. 

The reason I wrote this review is, I had used a couple of other brands of mouse before this, for same costs and this just made me stunned. The reason I got stunned is,

we get cheaper mice in the market at half the price or even cheaper , as cheap as NRs. 150 (US $1.78). Even they work for years.

My conclusion is, I dont recommend you buy this crap, Instead I recommend Somic Generation M300, which was my previous mouse and it worked perfectly for half a decade, that is 5 complete years. I am not sure it is still in the market. I couldnt find anything in google either. There may be other good brands you can try them but i say Dont buy Intopic Mouse.