How can you know someone is logged in to skype and is being invisible in skype? How sometimes someone catches right away when you log in invisible?
Before answering this question we should know one thing about skype, that all the messages that are sent through IM in skype are saved in the peer's system only. It means, the skype won’t use server to store the messages that are sent while people chat in skype. The chat messages are stored in each peer that is in the conversation and in case if u use different computers in different time. The older messages are downloaded from the peers that are involved in the conversation.
This sometimes play trick. If you have talked(through IM) in skype In the morning from home , from your personal computer, and in the afternoon you log in from your work's computer, you will download all the previous chats from the peers that are online, If someone is invisible, you still download messages from them too, this will let you know that the peer is online but is invisible, and similarly when they log in invisibly, Instantly you will get the old messages and you will know they have logged in invisibly.
So there is a very big chance that u get caught if you are trying to evade someone in skype using the invisible status. 😀 so , beware frens.