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12 years ago, July 7, 2012
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Laxmi Bank

Well, this may sound like I am criticizing on everything; I come across, in this blog. I actually start writing whenever I feel like it’s off the limit. Same happened to me from Laxmi bank’s side.

 Few years back it was a descent bank. ATM worked. Internet banking was good, SMS alert worked too. Few months back I started getting problems with ATM service. ATM most of the time was down, I don’t have an actual analytics but roughly, I had 1 chance of successful withdrawal every 4-5 visits. In a month if I visit ATM 8 times, I would expect 2 of them will be successful from the same terminal, rest of them I will have to go ATM to ATM and sweat in the sun / get wet in the rain / get stuck into a traffic jam, etc, etc.

When the transaction fails there are two cases,

1.     The ATM terminal is down: In this case it’s not a big problem. I could get cash from other bank’s terminal for a charge of Rs.25/-. I don’t consider this a very big issue but still it becomes painful when you are at the single terminal booth. If at an ATM lounge it’s not a problem.

2.     The whole Laxmi Bank’s Network is down: This problem sometimes occur and when it occurs Its going to create a great trouble. Once I needed a big amount of money and it was kind of urgent. I had an account in another bank too, I got half the money I needed from the other one and for the remaining I had no choice but Laxmi Bank’s ATM , but NO, the network was down. None of other ATMs could complete the transaction. I had a very bad day that day. I had to waste 3 hours and a deal went out of my hand, just because of this problem. I went to the bank got into the queue and withdrew the cash and reached the place where I had to pay and the deal was cancelled because I was late. The whole day was a nightmare for me. I called Bank, I reached the Bank myself and asked them and they looked like they were unaware about the issue. They recommend me to use some other ATMs. Oh Please!!!. They must be acting like they didn’t know anything. I would never tolerate this kind of response from the customer service personnel.

All in all, I never mean to say Laxmi bank is not a good bank but still these issues have to be fixed as soon as possible but I am a little disappointed that this is taking this long. I hope this will end soon and I will be a happy Laxmi bank customer.


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