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Radar diagram visualization in VanillaJs

I have recently written a vanilla javaScript library to visualize Radar diagrams. It is open source and you are free to use it and contribute. The library itself can be found in NPM run npm install radar-diagram or yarn add radar-diagram in you project to add it to your dependencies. The demo radar can […]

Esp32 modules

There are several different options to choose from when buying an esp32 Modules. The most common ones I have come across are the following. Espressif / AI Thinker WROOM / WROVER WROOM32U has the smallest footprint among all. WROVER comes with integrated 8MB PSRAM ESPRESSIF ESP32 Modules The footprints are different in size and positioning […]

PiMP Ping-pong Management Platform

PiMP, also known as Ping-pong Management Platform is a one-stop solution to manage table-tennis matches in your organization. PiMP consists of a beautiful GUI accessible on your browser built with the latest technology stack. It helps manage your Players’ data, matches data, Tournaments, and even lets you scorekeeping the match in realtime. PiMP offers real-time […]


Comfey is a tiny data binding and state management library inspired by React hook useState.

React MD v1 w/ Gatsby No!

Please avoid using ReactMD v1 with GatsbyJs, since ReactMD 2 is out with full rewrite, that could be an option if you want to stick with ReactMD. I had started to port this blog from WordPress to Gatsby and I had used React-MD ‘s Gatsby starter to start with the project. Because of issues in […]

Gatsby build fails @ gatsby-source-wordpress

While trying to build my blog, the build started failing whenever I used my live WordPress site’s graphql endpoint. It resulted in the following error. It was clear that the site was not letting the parallel traffic. There is no way for me to configure my WordPress site to accept more traffic but to find […]

ML5 with Webpack and TypeScript

Why TypeScript? TypeScript allows you to add static typing to your javascript, which adds a possibility to type check on your code during compile time. Even better your IDE itself will be able to tell you if there are any issues with your data types, etc in realtime. Additionally, it can be used by your […]

Gatsby with WordPress

I had this idea of having a Gatsby frontend for my WordPress blog since I started learning Gatsby in May 2019. I even wrote a blog about it. But it had not been straight forward. Initially, I used gatsby-source-graphql and wp-graphql plugin in WordPress. WP-graphql plugin exposed the data in WordPress in a graphql endpoint, […]

Update siteurl and home options in wordpress

When working with Gatsby with WordPress, I had to dump and import my WordPress database multiple times. Either trying out new host, or some data has updated on my local and I need it in production or vice-versa. Every time I need to import SQL dump, I had to manually update the two options in […]

Docker compose update php.ini

How to configure the php.ini in your docker container On the root folder of your project where your docker-compose.yml is add a new file to replace some ini file in your PHP container. Then on your docker-compose.yml file add a volume to your PHP container volumes: -./your_local.ini:/etc/path/to/the/ini/you/want/to/replace/with.ini Then restart your docker container with –build flag […]

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