MomoCoder GGKP A DIY Smart controller

MomoCoder GGKP A DIY Smart controller

8 months ago, September 20, 2023
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Momocoder GGKP is an open-source Smart controller with an optional Air Mouse feature.

MomoCoder GGKP Smart Controller

The hardware consists of

  1. ESP32-S3 Module
  2. 0.66inch OLED module
  3. MPU-6050 Accelerometer / Gyroscope (For air mouse/gestures)
MomoCoder GGKP Smart controller

ESP32-S3 Air Mouse: Motion control, BLE connectivity, OLED screen, compact design, 9 macro buttons, customizable for seamless device control.

ESP32-S3 Air Mouse is your new go-to gadget for effortless device control.


Motion Control: Navigate with a wave of your hand, thanks to its integrated gyroscope and accelerometer.

Seamless Connectivity: Easily connect to Bluetooth devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Powered by ESP32-S3: Experience top-notch performance and efficiency with this microcontroller.

Compact .66′ OLED Display: The compact OLED screen allows limitless possibilities for the device.

Compact and Portable: Its tiny form factor makes it perfect for on-the-go use. The PCB is below 3 cm x 5 cm.

Quick Shortcuts (Macros): Customize your experience with 9 programmable buttons for shortcuts.

User-Friendly Configuration: Effortlessly personalize the Air Mouse via a Wi-Fi web interface.

Other features:

The board has breakout pins and pads for most of the pins from esp32-s3, including dedicated pinouts for JTAG and UART, the board can be easily reprogrammed using the USB with custom sketches.


All files related to the project are on the PCBWay projects site. The files included are

  1. Gerber file of the PCB
  2. 3D file for the enclosure
  3. BOM

Here is the link to the PCBWay Project

Source code

The source code is available on github – dejavu1987/momocoder-ggkp

PCB Design

The PCB dimension is 29.718mm (w) x 48.261mm (h).

PCB dimensions

The backside of the PCB 3D Model
The rear of the PCB
The front side of the PCB


The project is a work in progress, I will keep updating on my Youtube channel so please subscribe to follow the progress.

Freshly soldered and Keypad test (passed)

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You can use the sketch from Github and add PRs for features and fixes too. You can follow me there and have a look at my other projects.

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