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12 years ago, May 24, 2012
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Yomari Newari Delicacy - NepalYomari consists of two words 'Yo' and 'mari', where “yo” means “like” and “mari” means “bread”. So yomari means bread you like. Actually I love yomari. Belonging to Newar community I wanted to share this most amazing delicacy of ours with all of the people around the world I extracted this post from by Amrit Dangol. Thanx to him that what ever I was about to write was all explained in beautiful way by him already. So, please enjoy reading more about Yomari.

Yomari is a rice dumpling with confection of rice-flour dough shaped like fig and filled with “brown cane sugar” or chaku in Newari and “sesame seeds”, which is then steamed in a vessel called Potasi.

The dough is often stuffed with other fillings like lentil paste, “milk solids” or khuwa in Nepali language, or spices as well. 

This delicacy is the chief and important item on the menu during the post-harvest celebration of Yomari Punhi, which falls every year in the full moon day of December. There is a reason behind the dish being prepared during winter season as it contents ghee and chaku, the items which is believed to provide heat to our body.

Yomari is the chief item on the children’s second-year birthday. Traditionally, on this day, a yomari garland is made for the birthday child and they wear it to show that they are two years old. 

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