Gatsby with WordPress

Gatsby with WordPress

I had this idea of having a Gatsby frontend for my WordPress blog since I started learning Gatsby in May 2019. I even wrote a blog about it. But it had not been straight forward. Initially, I used gatsby-source-graphql and wp-graphql plugin in WordPress. WP-graphql plugin exposed the data in WordPress in a graphql endpoint, […]


Update siteurl and home options in wordpress

When working with Gatsby with WordPress, I had to dump and import my WordPress database multiple times. Either trying out new host, or some data has updated on my local and I need it in production or vice-versa. Every time I need to import SQL dump, I had to manually update the two options in […]


Docker compose update php.ini

How to configure the php.ini in your docker container On the root folder of your project where your docker-compose.yml is add a new file to replace some ini file in your PHP container. Then on your docker-compose.yml file add a volume to your PHP container volumes: -./your_local.ini:/etc/path/to/the/ini/you/want/to/replace/with.ini Then restart your docker container with –build flag […]


Serverless Framework

TASK: Static website Search bar does not work. Add a data endpoint to serve drinks data to the autocomplete field. Prerequisites NodeJs AWS account AWS CLI Install Serverless cli # Install the serverless cli npm install -g serverless Login to Serverless serverless login Bootstrap a new service serverless Follow the setup instruction in your […]

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