Gatsby build fails @ gatsby-source-wordpress

While trying to build my blog, the build started failing whenever I used my live WordPress site’s graphql endpoint. It resulted in the following error. It was clear that the site was not letting the parallel traffic. There is no way for me to configure my WordPress site to accept more traffic but to find […]

ML5 with Webpack and TypeScript

Why TypeScript? TypeScript allows you to add static typing to your javascript, which adds a possibility to type check on your code during compile time. Even better your IDE itself will be able to tell you if there are any issues with your data types, etc in realtime. Additionally, it can be used by your […]

Gatsby with WordPress

I had this idea of having a Gatsby frontend for my WordPress blog since I started learning Gatsby in May 2019. I even wrote a blog about it. But it had not been straight forward. Initially, I used gatsby-source-graphql and wp-graphql plugin in WordPress. WP-graphql plugin exposed the data in WordPress in a graphql endpoint, […]

Update siteurl and home options in wordpress

When working with Gatsby with WordPress, I had to dump and import my WordPress database multiple times. Either trying out new host, or some data has updated on my local and I need it in production or vice-versa. Every time I need to import SQL dump, I had to manually update the two options in […]

Machine Learning – On your Browser

Inviqa Engineering CoP 22.10.2020
Machine Learning on your Browser.

GraphQl with Neo4j

Javascript Cypher query On your JavaScript file..

Is the moon moving with you, when you are moving?

Is the moon moving with you, when you are moving? ..or the trees are moving backward? Decyphering the weirdness of PoV!

Serverless Framework

TASK: Static website http://cocktail.review.com.np/ Search bar does not work. Add a data endpoint to serve drinks data to the autocomplete field. Prerequisites NodeJs AWS account AWS CLI Install Serverless cli # Install the serverless cli npm install -g serverless Login to Serverless serverless login Bootstrap a new service serverless Follow the setup instruction in your […]

Getting started with Serverless

What is Serverless Application? Resources without provisioning and operations. What is a Microservice? Why? Auto-scaling Fault-Tolerant by design Pay-as-you-go Quick and easy to develop? depends.. When? It is wise to consider when to think serverless. Workloads with irregular access patterns Workloads with short execution times Automation What is AWS Lambda? AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless […]

Fu**king Awesome Button

Fucking Awesome Button

Drupal commerce add image to Cart or Wishlist

You can add image to the cart’s item listing as well as wishlist listing. To do that you will need to edit the the view and add a new relation and then add the product image field. You may want to rearrange the field as you want.

Learning ECMAScript 6 ECMAScript2015 – Arrows

Arrows: a => a*2; See the Pen rVwawJ by Anil Maharjan (@dejavu1987) on CodePen. When transpiled to ECMAScript 5 (function (a) { return a * 2; }); See the Pen waeBrW by Anil Maharjan (@dejavu1987) on CodePen.  

Ingress – All you need to know

The world around you is not what it seems. Trailer: Homepage: https://www.ingress.com/  

Laxmi bank sucks, Customer service ZERO

I have been a customer of Laxmi bank for more than 5 years now. Two years back in July, I wrote about bad ATM service of Laxmi Bank. I had to go round the city several times to get some cash out of it. Now, this post is about a very bad customer service from the […]

Insane flappy bird game actually a typing tutor game

This flappy bird is just impossible. This typing tutor meets flappy bird version will just blow your mind.

.htaccess rewriteCond cascade multiple conditions with or / and

Cascade multiple conditions "rewriteCond" with or / and using .htaccess in apache server. Especially Important when fixing Google 404 not found errors in crawling.This may help in PR , I am not sure though, but surely you wont see the 404 crawl errors at least.

Garena Hostbot 4.0 Commands for Warcraft III DoTA

Some common commands in Garena Host bot are


However there are more. Please read full post.

Look at the picture carefully. Girls getting ready, doing make ups.

Look at the picture carefully. Girls getting ready, doing make ups. Can u find something unusual?