Configure bluetooth module for arduino

Configure bluetooth module for arduino

9 years ago, January 19, 2015
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a. Arduino

Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO

b. XBEE Shield

XBEE shield for Arduino
XBEE shield for Arduino

c. Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth module for arduino
Bluetooth module for arduino

To make the bluetooth module work:
Follow these steps

a. Upload the bare minimum sketch to the arduino.
 void setup() {
 void loop() {
 b. Connect only the XBEE shield (incl. Bluetooth module to arduino)
 c. Connect arduino to pc and run the serial monitor.
 d. Now we are ready for using the AT commands to configure the bluetooth module.
 e. AT commands for configuring the Bluetooth module are

 -- AT SET BT NAME {friendly_name}
 -- AT SET BT AUTH * 1234

 (this will set PIN code to '1234'), it can be 1-16 characters long.

Once you set the pin you can try pairing using any bluetooth device..
If it works you are good to go and connect all other schields/modules to arduino and Use an app on mobile to monitor the data from Arduino.

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