Drupal – Node reference field returned for interface language rather than node language

13 years ago, October 18, 2011
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When translating a content element, it is absolutely mandatory to select first the current language, and then, add the translation in the current language.
If this is not done, the translated element is totally messy when related multilingual elements are referenced in it.
Even knowing that well, I still forget very often this and have to redo the work.

So it would be very nice to have the current language automatically set to the language that is selected for translation. In fact, I don't see any reason for someone to make a translation in a particular language while selecting a different current language…

I don't think it is difficult to trigger this current language change at the "Add transaltion" request, and I cannot figure out any possible draw back (nethertheless an option could be offered in the multilingual system configuration in case of problem with that?)

Example Case:

We have node reference field like service type on service gallery type content

Node reference field's select list depends on which language u are in. Eg. If you are in fr language the list will have french service types and if the content u r editing is in english you will be connecting the english service gallery content to a french service type content.
 So you need to be in english language to edit the english content so that the list will show english service types.

 So far there is no other alternatives to this problem.

I found some patches on drupal forum but they were for Drupal6. I use Drupal7.

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