Drupal commerce add image to Cart or Wishlist

Drupal commerce add image to Cart or Wishlist

You can add image to the cart’s item listing as well as wishlist listing. To do that you will need to edit the the view and add a new relation and then add the product image field. You may want to rearrange the field as you want.

Nested OR , AND conditions in drupal query builder

Nested OR , AND conditions in drupal query builder

How to create nested OR, AND conditions in drupal query builder


Remove unnecessary css from drupal website

To remove unwanted-style.css from current website do the following in your template.php

function MYTHEME_css_alter(&$css){



Drupal – Node reference field returned for interface language rather than node language

We have node reference field  "service type" on "service gallery" type content.

Node reference field's select list depends on which language u are in. Eg. If you are in fr language the list will have french service types and if the content u r editing is in english you will be connecting the english service gallery content to a french service type content.
 So you need to be in english language to edit the english content so that the list will show english service types.


Drupal 7 – Handling file uploads – allowed file extensions

While working with custom forms with file upload fields in drupal, you may sometimes get a error regarding extensions:

The specified file “your file name here” could not be uploaded. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: “jpg jpeg gif png txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp”

To allow all extensions, you have to manually set the ‘file_validate_extensions’ validator to an empty array.


Drupal – Force Path Prefix for Default Language

When you have more than one language on Drupal site, you have to define the default language among one of them. For example, if i set English as the default language, it will be shown in both http://<domain_name> and http://<domain_name>/en. but all the links in the default language will not have the en path prefix.

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