Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2014 #kora14

Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2014 #kora14

10 years ago, July 18, 2014
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I know it’s a bit late for me to be posting this but it’s never too late re kya :D. Tomorrow is the day when more than 1,000 people are cycling around the city for a great cause. This year,  it’s going to be even bigger, the organizing team has planned to build a birthing facility in Pyutar,  south Lalitpur,  which will be an Eco-Designed building, providing the best facilities to the women and children in this remote VDC. The principle is simple – no more minimum standards for our women and children. They deserve the best standards. They deserve a birthing facility that is beautiful, secure, earthquake proof, welcoming, warm and everything that we expect facilities to be like in the city. And this is what we aim to do.


Being just 50 Km from the city, take a look at the video that gives a small glimpse of what the birthing center’s condition is, where hundreds of women are giving birth every year.

This video says it all,  no stretchers? No seats? No lights? one small room. This is what we all want to change. So if you are thinking of contributing just let me know, you can contribute as much you wish to. And as Raj Gyawali sir at Social Tours says no pressure!! 😉

Briefing and Jersey distribution

Yesterday,  July 17th, 2014,  there was a briefing and jersey distribution at Moksh, Jawlakhel, I got my jersey and submitted half of my collection there which was contributed by

ITONICS Nepal Pvt Ltd, the sum was Rs. 5000/-

I have a cheque for another Rs. 5000/- from View9 Pvt Ltd., which I received today afternoon, both ITONICS and View9 had contributed the same amount last year also, and I would like to thank them a lot for supporting this cause. Find the details about the contributions on my last year’s blog post here Kathmandu Kora 2013.

Still, if anyone wants to contribute to this cause you can contact me because anyone can contribute after the challenge too.

Last year during Kathmandu Kora 2013, I had 1 week for the challenge and I thought I was too late to be asking for the contributions and I was not hoping for lots of contributions, but I wrote about it on my blog, and surprisingly, I was backed up by fantastic people and firms to stack the collection to Rs. 25,200 /- That was really awesome.  And sadly this year, my site was down since a couple of months so I am so late to post about #kora14, but anyways I tried my best to bring back the dead page of last year’s blog post and now I am writing about Kathmandu Kora again, hope I get some awesome response from all who read this, just like a year ago.

The Route

Here is the map where blue line shows the 75Km route, that I along with other 100+ riders will be riding tomorrow.

Kathmandu kora 2014 75Km route
Kathmandu kora 2014 75Km route

There is an amazing twist in the plot, the organizers are awarding this beautiful medal to every rider who makes it to the end, the basic idea is this is not the race and everybody is the winner. This medal will surely be motivating us more to complete this challenge, I call this an x2 motivation Boost, I feel like I am twice as much motivated than before 😉

Update: The event is over, the ride was awesome, for me, it was more fun than last year since I was riding alone last year but this time I was in a team. I met lots of fellow riders from Mudtrailers and made some new friends too.

Participants gathered around Patan Durbar Square during Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2014
Participants gathered around Patan Durbar Square during Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2014

I started off alone, but I got lost in Machhegaun ko ukalo and then I raced towards Balambu. I met a group of riders there. I think we were the last group of 75K and we group of 4 started our journey as a team. We managed to catch up with The Mudtrailers around Dharmasthali and our team got even bigger. By that time we were about 10 riders. We completed the whole trail together, had fun, sharing funny jokes, past moments, incidents, knowing each other.  Overall the long ride felt really short when it came to an end.

around Dharmasthali - Tokha during Kathmandu Kora cycling challenge 2014 (#kora14)
around Dharmasthali – Tokha during Kathmandu Kora cycling challenge 2014 (#kora14)

Uphills around Dharmasthali - Tokha during Kathmandu Kora cycling challenge 2014 (#kora14)
Uphills around Dharmasthali – Tokha during Kathmandu Kora cycling challenge 2014 (#kora14)

As we approached nearer to Boudha, where our lunch was stationed, most of us got impatient to reach there sooner  so we were arguing about taking harder or easier route, but anyway we managed to solve this problem all the time, we managed to reach the lunch station at Samata School, Baudha at around 5pm before they were closed. 🙂 . We got our lunch, everybody was so happy to finally be there, we clicked some group pictures. We then headed towards Patan Durbar Square, where our finish line was. We reached there around 7 pm and that was the moment we all were waiting for, correction here, riding for, the whole day, the medal. Yes, we were all awarded a medal, and honestly, that was my first medal in my whole life!

Finally got the medal #kora14
Finally got the medal #kora14

I tracked the ride using Strava on my phone, the ride’s details are in the following strava activity detail page.

Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2013
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