Laxmi bank sucks, Customer service ZERO

Laxmi bank sucks, Customer service ZERO

10 years ago, July 27, 2014
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I have been a customer of Laxmi bank for more than 5 years now. Two years back in July, I wrote about bad ATM service of Laxmi Bank. I had to go round the city several times to get some cash out of it. Now, this post is about a very bad customer service from the same bank Laxmi Bank.

I had a package of services called green package or something,

It included

  1. SCT ATM
  2. Mobile Money
  3. E-banking
  4. Mobile Alert

It costs Rs. 500/-

I mainly used ATM and Mobile alert was handy. No problem until July 24th 2014, when I got two SMSs telling that my account has been debited for annual card fee, one was Rs. 500/- and another of Rs. 250/- I called the bank and found out that there was a problem in my subscription. There was no ATM in it? Story goes back to 2013, a year back, when I got a call saying my current SCT ATM had expired and they were promoting VISA cards so they recommended me that. I said okay fine. They called me few days later that my card had arrived. I collected it but there was a problem, I was charged extra Rs. 250/- for VISA card so they reverted it back. A year passed the same thing happened.. But this time the difference was.. the charge cannot be reverted. Last year hamro galti sudhareko .. that was their reply. I was not even notified that the SCT card that was cancelled last year was still in the package, invisible. I said I have 1 card and rest of services and why should I pay for two cards? the reply was you have both cards, I dont .. I showed him the visa card I had and where are two? The reply was you should have applied for SCT too, Now I could have banged there desk, I already had a card why would I ask for another one? He said I dont understand.

Enough of discussion. I was already there for an hour on my workday. I asked what were the alternatives to fix that, they told me I will have to cancel the package. The result would be Rs. 500/- I paid a day ago will be void, no refund no services! That is the worst solution I guess. So, any other way out? He said nothing else, I said what if I get my SCT back and cancel VISA and refund VISA fee, It would not work that way either because the card division is not here it’s in Hattisar, the guy replied. So I said why not just close the account, and surprisingly the account cancellation form appeared out of nowhere, super fast, he was so happy to say me good bye, I then calculated the total amount that will be void if I cancel, I asked what the cancellation charge was, and it was Rs. 500/- Now that sums up to Rs. 1250/- Okey 5 years old customer gets this gift from Laxmi bank for a mistake they themselves did. He shamelessly says yes you will loose Rs. 1250/- I could have just closed the account because Rs. 1250/- was nothing in front of the eff…ed up service I got from Laxmi Bank. The issue is not about the money, Rs. 250/- but the acknowledgement of mistakes and acceptance. I had no fault, I was never notified what was going on between SCT and VISA and Laxmi bank. They should have explained me about what was wrong and what could have been done in the right time. They have power to auto debit balance from account and few hours later they can’t revert it back? Even it was clear it was their own fault?

I gave up, I asked him to change my plan to some other plan that included VISA card and other services which was equivalent to what I am getting till now, but they will get extra 250 from STC card that never existed for a year and not to mention I was paying all that for another 1 year in advance. found out no Mobile alert service, (I mentioned about it as a handy service, it lets u know when some transactions takes place in your account).

I better get my same old plan and just cancel the visa, so by this I will be cancelling the VISA card of which I paid Rs. 250 few hours back, and get my old SCT card. A simple explanation from the bank about what was changed in the package / card would have save me Rs. 250 and most importantly an hour of both of us and I would have just been a good Laxmi bank’s customer for one more year. Now I am planning to switch the bank, anyways I have couple of other banks already,, so no switching just dumping a shit bank.

And surprise surprise, I just got abother auto debit SMS, they just debited out another Rs. 250 from my account for card! Should I call police?

Laxmi Bank Debit card charge sums up to Rs. 1000/-
Laxmi Bank Debit card charge sums up to Rs. 1000/-

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