Nepal? Sanghiyata? Jatiya pradesh? bahunbad ? atibaad? bikhandan? bibhajan?

12 years ago, May 23, 2012
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As I was never interested in politics, I never actually cared about what ever is going on between the parties. But as the dispute among the parties came down to general public as a hot topic these days I just couldnt stop myself, get involved to know what the words meant like Sangiyata, Jatiyata, bibhajan, etc etc. I have been reading the posts on fb for several weeks and started to know about lots of things, but I am not sure whether I am getting them right or not. 

Some of the posts I read had so much of the power to attract me to read all the comments on it that usually had debates on the point the post is emphasized on. I also wanted to share, like or comment on them but lastly I felt I am still not sure what the hell is right and wat is wrong.

I decided to collect the posts on the facebook that I felt awesome and post them on this blog post. Everyone is most welcome to write their views and opinions on the views and opinions I  collected from facebook I found worth a look.

'अखण्ड सुदूरपश्चिम' भनेर भारतीय डिजाइनमा सल्काइएको बेतुक भावनाको आगो अलि वरै सम्म आइपुगेको खबर सुनेको छु ! सुन्दैछु धेरैलाइ 'नेवा:, थारु, तमु, तामांग' भन्ने बित्तिकै नेपाली नबन्ला भन्ने निक्कै चिन्ता छ अरे ! सुन्दै हाँसो लाग्ने त्यो चिन्ता उनीहरुको पश्चगमनमार्गी संकीर्णतावाद बाहेक अरु केहि हैन ! जनतालाइ पहिचान सहितको अधिकार र राज्यको जिम्मा लगाउँदा नेपाल खण्डित हुन्छ भन्नेहरुले भावनामा डुबाएर हिजो कै २०४७ को संबिधानमा उल्लेखित '५ बिकास क्षेत्र'को अवधारणामा फर्काउने संघियताको अभ्यास गर्दैछन् ! खबरदार 'अखण्ड' का खोल ओड्ने मण्डले राष्ट्रवादीहरु !! 

ब्याकुल माइलाले गीत लेखे, 'सयौं थुँगा फुलका हामी एउटै माला नेपाली' ! राष्ट्रिय गान बन्ने भएपछि अम्बर गुरुङले संगीत भरे ! यहि राष्ट्रिय गान सबको फोन-फोनमा बज्छ, सबलाई गाउन आइ पनि सक्यो ! तर खै मर्म बुझेको ?? गीतले एकै प्रजातिका फुल भनेन, तर माला उनेपछि चैं नेपाली माला बन्ने भन्यो ! तिमि गुलाफ होलाऊ, म सयपत्री फुल हुँला ! तिम्रो बास्ना फरक, मेरो फरक ! हाम्रा हावा-पानी फरक ! फक्रने आइलाउने समय फरक !तर तिमिले आज मलाई किन 'सयपत्री' भनेर पहिचान गर्न हिच्किचाउँदै छौ ? के मेरो पहिचानले तिम्रो 'गुलाब' हुनुको शान घटाउँछ ? के म सयपत्री भनेर चिनिनाले तिमीलाई लाज हुन्छ ? की मैले माला चुटाउँछु भन्ने शंका छ ? यहि प्रश्नहरु त मैले नि तिमीलाई सोध्न सक्छु ? तर मैले हामी एउटै मालामा भएको कुरो जानेको छु ! तिम्रो अस्तित्वलाइ आवश्यक मान्दै मेरो पहिचानलाइ छाँया नपार्न मात्रै मेरो जोड हो ! जुन हाम्रै राष्ट्रिय गानमा सलल बगेको छ ! 

नेपालमा एउटा खेस्टो संबिधान आउने बित्तिकै शान्ति समृद्धि अऊँछ भन्नेवालाहरुले बुझ्ने एउटा महत्वपुर्ण कुरा हाम्रो अगाडी आएको जस्तो लाग्छ | त्यो भनेको शान्ति अधिकार संग जोडिएको छ र अधिकार बिनाको संबिधानले पुरानै व्यवस्थामा फर्काउने हुनाले र पुरानो अन्तर्विरोध बल्झिने हुनाले त्यो झन् अशान्त हुन जाने कुरा झन् पक्का भएको हाम्रो अगाडी अकाट्य सत्य भएर उभिएको छ | जातीय पहिचान सहित स्वायत्त राज्य बिना को संघियताले अर्को नयाँ द्वन्द जन्माउने प्राय निशचितनै छ |

Please learn that caste and community are two distinct terms. If you think that Khas, Newa:, Tamang, Gurung, Kirat, Limbu, Madhesi, Tharu etc are castes then you are wrong. These are community not the caste. Please make yourself clear.

Caste was formed by some idiots 3500 years ago and were defined in Manusmriti Purusa Sutta where Brahmins were popped out from the mouth, Ksyattriyas from the arms, Vaisyas from the thighs, and Sudras from the foot. What the hell that idiot had thought that he came out from? So, up until now the people are divided by the Panchayat propaganda that the community in Nepal such as Newa:, Gurung, Tamang, Kirat etc are acknowledged as Jaat, however, the constitution of Nepal does not allow to use char jaat which was wrongly defined by the Purusa Sutta.

Provinces based on Community is fair as in Belgium where 3 states were drawn based on the French speaking, German Speaking and Dutch Speaking community. The same applies in Switzerland. This is how it works in Belgium –

So, if someone uses Brahman, Ksyattrias, It is an unconstitutional because the constitution refrains to use it. But, some arrogant jackarses still do. They must be punished. And this brings up chaos, and ambiguity among the community. Where is the caste? I am talking about community. If you see Newa:, Limbu, Tamang. Gurung, Khas, Tharu Madhesi, Muslim as a caste, then either you are blindfolded or ignorant.

Community is defined as a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists. Newa: was a nation before Prithvi N deceived and conquered.

Please read this –—ed_norm/—normes/documents/publication/wcms_150567.pdf

Newa: is a community as well as an indigenous people as described by the UN Convention No. 169.

First of all, Brahman is a so called higher rank in the society which was wrongly defined by the Purusa Sutta. Panchayat Propaganda just tried to continue it for the favor of one class hegemony in the political system. As the constitution does not allow us to discriminate the people on the basis of this mistaken belief, it is an unconstitutional to call oneself Brahman. As long as we follow the Panchayat education system, which divides us rather than unites us, the genuine unity is too far away.

As I said earlier, Bahun is not a community. It is a caste defined by some idiots and is driven by the same erroneous views till now. Caste and Community are two distinct terms. If so called Brahmans, Ksyattriyas, Vaisyas, Sudras (which are not recognized by the constitution now) demand a federal state based on the unacceptable caste system, which the state has already defined as an illegitimate, this demand will be unconstitutional and illegitimate itself.

So, the demand of federal states based on the communal language and identity is possible and fair as in Belgium and Switzerland. You call yourself Nepalese in Australia, so is it a caste? Isn't it a community? So, please open your eyes and try not to be fooled by Panchayat Education System. Panchayat is long gone but the scar still remains in the community so the first thing we need to do is phase out the old Panchayat Education System and embark on one which guarantees a genuine unity.

Jaba panchayat propaganda ko jhooth ko lep ka papra haru niskan thalchhan yesari nai abhibyakti matrai niskane ho. ajhai kati testa jhoothharu agadi niskan baki chhan jasko nauma ra aadma ekta ani phusro Nepalipan panchayat byabastha lay khada garna khojeko thiyo. Yasari jhoothko aadama khada garna khojiyeko yekta ahile bistarai dhalmal matrai bhayeko ho. samaylay sabailai ramrai thauma puryaunechha. Kura yetti ho sabailay saman adhikar paunu parchha ani satya lai satya ani jhootho lai jhootho ho bhanna saknu parchha. Yedi sabaiko yesari ramro soch bhaidiyeko bhaye aaja Nepal ramro sachhikai ramro hune thiyo. Bujnus kura…. ->


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