PiMP Ping-pong Management Platform
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PiMP Ping-pong Management Platform

PiMP, also known as Ping-pong Management Platform is a one-stop solution to manage table-tennis matches in your organization.

PiMP consists of a beautiful GUI accessible on your browser built with the latest technology stack. It helps manage your Players’ data, matches data, Tournaments, and even lets you scorekeeping the match in realtime.

PiMP offers real-time score updates for any number of clients. They are simply a page on the internet you can browse and you can follow the scores in real time with an automated announcement.

Recently I have been working on the broadcasting of table tennis matches via Streaming Softwares like Streamlabs or OBS. It is now possible to go live on your streaming software with the real-time score updates on screen as well as nice stats screens when the matches are not active.

Youtube live stream of a table tennis match, Waiting to go live screen with player stats display.
Waiting to go live screen with Players’ stats
Realtitme score display on screen in a live Stream
Realtime score display on screen in Live stream

The scorekeeping can be done using any device that can access the internet, Computer, tablet, mobile phones, even voice-assisted devices like Alexa and Google Assistant but, for good user experience, tablet or smartphones works better. If there is no third person/referee to keep scores, I have developed TwingBox.

TwingBox is a WiFi-enabled device, based on NodeMCU (ESP-8266). It has an analog 6 keys controller with a Nokia 5110 LCD integrated and an RFID reader RC522. TwingBox connects to your wifi and can be configured to register in a PiMP platform endpoint and operate Table Tennis matches in the system. PiMP system is currently under development.

TT-box / Twing Box
TT-Box v2

I am working on version 3 of TwingBox which will come in 2 parts, a wearable that you can wear on your wrist and a Central unit with a screen to access UI and RFID reader if you want the sign-in feature using RFID cards. I have drastically reduced the size of the devices as the wearable device to fit comfortably on your wrist.

Wearable controller of TT-Box V3
Wearable controller Rear view

The wearable will be available in an option to not have wireless connection, and wire to connect to the Central Unit.

Docker compose update php.ini
GraphQl with Neo4j
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