React MD v1 w/ Gatsby No!

React MD v1 w/ Gatsby No!

4 years ago, November 2, 2020
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Please avoid using ReactMD v1 with GatsbyJs, since ReactMD 2 is out with full rewrite, that could be an option if you want to stick with ReactMD.

I had started to port this blog from WordPress to Gatsby and I had used React-MD ‘s Gatsby starter to start with the project. Because of issues in pipeline, building, and deploying to AWS S3, I had paused the development. I resumed the development last month, October 2020. After updating all the dependencies, and trying out several options, figuring out the best way to integrate Worpress with Gatsby, and then polishing up everything finally deployed my first build to production, following happened.

Error / page resources for / not found. Not rendering React

You can read about the status of this issue at gatsbyjs’s github issue here

The problem was, the pages can not load and you see WSOD. The first load from server works but as soon as you navigate to another page, it crashes.

I have used Gatsby in several other projects but had never come across this issue. This was the first case, and since my blog was quite simple, I had the biggest doubt on React-MD, and I started replacing each component from React-MD with material-ui , which I had used in most other projects. After replacing all the components, the error was gone.

So instead of trying to figure out, just go with material-ui, or you may try out React-MD v2.

Gatsby build fails @ gatsby-source-wordpress
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