Machine Learning – On your Browser

Machine Learning – On your Browser

4 years ago, October 21, 2020

Inviqa Engineering CoP 22.10.2020
Machine Learning on your Browser.

Serverless Framework

5 years ago, October 17, 2019

TASK: Static website Search bar does not work. Add a data endpoint to serve drinks data to the autocomplete field. Prerequisites NodeJs AWS account AWS CLI Install Serverless cli # Install the serverless cli npm install -g serverless Login to Serverless serverless login Bootstrap a new service serverless Follow the setup instruction in your […]

Gatsby with WordPress

5 years ago, September 20, 2019

Static site generation Why? When? How? Dynamic sites are slower, expensive, complex, hackable. When? If the site is mostly content and no heavy communication with server to update / calculate content in realtime. Best use case, Portfolio website, company website, blogs, etc. Static site generation with Gatsby Gatsby is powerful tool to create static sites […]

Hypervisor not working/running on Windows

Hypervisor not working/running on Windows

6 years ago, June 28, 2018

If your virtual machines stopped working on windows, example docker or any other emulators that uses virtualization, in my case it was due to Intel HAXM that was installed by the Android SDK which conflicted with Hyper V which also user Hypervisor and only either one of these two can exist at once. Even after uninstalling […]

Awesome ES6 Features I love and you should not miss

6 years ago, June 13, 2018

It’s all those tiny little details that makes you happy while writing javaScript code after ES6 came for a rescue. Following list contains the features from ES6 that I use mostly and has made my life easier when writing my JavaScript code. Template Literals Arrow functions Spread operators Classes Modules Default params Promises Object.entries() Object[key]

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